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Cover a Nail with Copper

I wanted to see metal rust. This experiment didn’t cause rust, but it did make metal change color. Mom says we can do an rust experiment later.

I mixed 1/4 cup white, distilled vinegar and a pinch of salt in a small jar.


I pulled about 20 pennies out of my bank and put them in the jar.


My book said to us iron nails but all we had was steel. So I scrubbed the steel nails with a scouring pad and put them in too.

My book said that it would take about 15 minutes. But we waited several days.

The copper from the pennies and the vinegar combined to form copper acetate. The copper in the copper acetate covered the nail with copper.



I’m a Light Bender!

I like the show Avatar: The Last Air Bender. I wish I bend fire and water and earth and air, like they do. Today I learned how to bend light, which is almost as cool.

Light normally travels in straight lines. When light goes through water, it bends. This is called refraction.

Here is what I did to bend light:

Step. 1: Put a coin into an empty bowl.


Step 2. Step back until you cannot see the coin.Image

Step 3. Have someone slowly pour water into the bowl. Make sure you don’t let the water move the coin.

As if by magic, you’ll see the coin appear. The coin seems to appear again because the light changed direction in the water!

In real life, you can be a light bender.